About us

Welcome to FungiForte, your go-to source for premium quality mushroom supplements! We are a team of passionate mushroom enthusiasts who believe in the power of fungi to enhance our health and wellbeing.

Our journey began with ToshiFarm, where we help people grow their own mushrooms with our DIY mushroom growing kits. As we delved deeper into the world of mushrooms, we realised that the market for mushroom supplements was not up to our standards. Most products contained additives, fillers or low-quality ingredients that did not provide the full benefits of mushroom extracts. That's why we decided to take matters into our own hands and launch FungiForte, a brand that offers no-nonsense supplements made with only the highest quality organically grown mushroom fruiting bodies. We believe that every person should have access to natural, effective and safe supplements that can help them optimise their health and wellbeing.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every product we offer meets our strict quality standards. We work closely with our trusted suppliers to source the best organic mushroom fruiting bodies from around the world. We use a proprietary extraction process that preserves the full spectrum of bioactive compounds found in mushrooms, including bètaglucans, polysaccharides, triterpenes and more. At FungiForte, we are committed to transparency and education. We believe that our customers should have access to accurate and reliable information about the benefits of mushrooms and the science behind our products. That's why we offer a wealth of resources, including our blog, FAQs, and customer support team, to help you make informed decisions about your health and wellness.

We are proud to be a part of the growing movement towards natural, holistic health solutions. With FungiForte, you can trust that you are getting the best of the best when it comes to mushroom supplements. Thank you for choosing us as your partner on your health journey!