Full Fruiting Bodies

What is commonly referred to as a "mushroom" is actually called a "fruiting body". While mushrooms are similar to plants, they also have an intricate root system known as "mycelium". It's pretty much the same as an orange (fruiting body) and an orange tree (mycelium).

If you're looking for the benefits of mushrooms it's important to use the part of the mushroom that contains the beneficial compounds. However many - if not most - mushroom supplements on the market are made from mycelium on grain, which is simply mushroom mycelium grown on a grain such as rice or oats. Although it's less expensive and faster to grow, the end product is mostly grain starch and doesn't contain much of the active compounds you're looking for.

At FungiForte we believe in using actual mushrooms to produce mushroom supplements. That's why we extract our supplements from whole mushroom fruiting bodies without the use of grain-based fillers. Our 500mg capsules contain exactly that: 500mg of pure mushroom extract. No funny business, no fillers and no additives. You can definitely feel the difference!